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Leaf Brands is bringing back the classic Astro Pop® rocket lollipop in its three flavors: passionfruit, cherry and pineapple, in the original formula and bringing a NEW spin on the classic favorite! Delicious, succulent flavors bursting from a hard candy shell. Made with 100% real fruit pieces, fruit juice and fruit flavors, it’s so yummy, you think you’re eating the real fruit! Flavorful chewy candy nuggets in all kinds of fruity flavors that’s so fun they’ll make you laugh!™ Indeed, the little bumpy, candy shell pieces with a nice, chewy texture, are a perfect candy to toss into your mouth any time you like. Leaf Brands has partnered with the inventor of the Jelly Belly, David Klein, to bring you David’s Signature ‘Beyond Gourmet’ Jelly Beans™. It’s the first confectionary product of its kind: blending exotic cuisine and luxury candy.
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David’s Signature Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans Sales Outpace Supply

Leaf Brand’s new line of “Beyond Gourmet”® Jelly Beans created in conjunction with David Klein*, the inventor of the Jelly Belly® Jelly Bean, are flying out of stores and Leaf Brands is trying to keep up with demand.

Leaf Brands, LLC started shipping their new David’s Signature ‘Beyond Gourmet’® Jelly Beans in December and have already sold out of their first production runs. The jelly beans, which were created in a partnership with David Klein, who invented the Jelly Belly® jelly bean over thirty years ago, are proving to be a “big hit” among retailers and consumers across the country according to Ellia Kassoff, the CEO of Leaf Brands. “We weren’t expecting such a rush of sales from David’s new jelly beans, specifically since our advertising and marketing campaign is not even in full force yet,” Kassoff states. “We have people all over the world ordering them, including a large distributor in China who wants to open special stores and sell our David’s Signature Beyond Gourmet jelly beans exclusively. It’s amazing!” Kassoff continues. “The new line of jelly beans are different from ordinary gourmet jelly beans because they are made with only the finest ingredients from around the world, using only 100% natural flavors and colors. Many people assume the other major “gourmet” jelly bean manufacturer uses natural ingredients, but that’s not true anymore and customers really want the natural product,” says David Klein, who is also credited for creating the whole gourmet jelly bean industry. “We set out to create a whole new market called, “Beyond Gourmet” since the term “Gourmet” was so overused.”

Confectionery retailer Pat Fore of Candy Connection in Monrovia, CA agrees, stating, “How can you consider your products gourmet if they’re sold at hardware, $.99 cent stores and gas stations around the country?” According to Fore, no one wants to buy the other competitors’ beans and she ended up throwing them away. “The excitement of David’s new jelly beans in our store is exactly what it was like when David first sold us his “New” Jelly Belly® jelly beans to us over 35 years ago. I can’t keep them in stock!” she continues.

“We really wanted to create a taste experience and not just sells candy; anyone can do that,” says Klein. “When you put our Ginger, Thai chili, Coconut and Lemon in your mouth, you experience the flavors of real Thai Curry!” Klein says with excitement. “The look on people’s faces when they try our new jelly beans the first time is just amazing.” “Stores around the country are calling us so excited because we’ve reinvigorated them!” “One store owner actually told me our new jelly beans will keep them in business which made us so happy.” “We have many stores conducting taste tests and getting rid of the other major gourmet jelly bean they stock in favor of ours because the customers are only buying ours!” Klein ends.

It seems not only retailers and consumers are excited about David’s Signature Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans. “What really excited us was when someone from The Jelly Belly® Company called one of our retailers and ordered our full selection of jelly beans.” Kassoff says. We hope they enjoy them as much as the rest of the country. We now just have to keep up with production!” “David tells us, this is same excitement he had when he owned The Jelly Belly® Company, before selling it to the Herman Goelitz Candy Company in the early 1980’s.”

Leaf plans on introducing over 100 new and exotic flavors of David’s Signature jelly beans in the next year incorporating the most unique flavors from around the world to create the ultimate flavor experience.

*David Klein is no longer affiliated with The Jelly Belly Company® and his new Line, “David’s Signature Beyond Gourmet’ does not have any connection with The Jelly Belly® Candy Company.





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