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Hydrox Supply Issues

We know you’re frustrated that you can’t find Hydrox anywhere and here are the reasons why:

1. Amazon sells out quickly and they now have a new policy restricting how much of our cookies we can send and store at their warehouse at a time, which is only about 12-14 pallets of Hydrox or roughly 3-4 days of supply. By the time the shipment gets to Amazon, it’s sold out. We have asked them a few times to waive the storage limitations but they have declined our requests. It then takes them over 2-3 weeks to pick up their next order since there is a shortage of truckers on the road.

2. We are now getting hit with a lack of cocoa due to supply chain issues worldwide. We are trying to keep up with the demand for Hydrox and adapt to the cocoa shortage at the same time which makes it quite challenging.

3. We can’t sell direct to consumers since the cost of shipping Hydrox to you would be roughly the same as the cookies themselves.

4. Most major retailers charge “slotting fees” or space on a shelf which can be from $20k-100,000k for one position. Those large costs only allow the very large vendors who can afford the cost to participate. When the Oreo reps. started hiding our cookies off the retail shelves, it created a huge issue for us since we paid for the spot but many times the Oreo reps would take our space and replace them with their cookies. So even when we get into the stores, the Mondelez/Oreo reps. might continue to hide the cookies.

So, what are we doing to fix these issues?

1. We are working with some retailers to find solutions to the nationwide “Hide the Hydrox” campaign that Mondelez/Oreo started five years ago. +Walmart is now setting us up on Walmart.com to start since they believe in our product and then we hope to be back in the stores nationwide after that.+ Walmart had major issues with the hiding of our cookies and they told us [they believe] they fixed the problem.

2. We are looking for our own distribution solutions to get into more stores.

3. We will continue to bug Amazon to waive our storage limitations so we can go back to shipping truckloads of Hydrox to their warehouses. If you are an Amazon customer, please voice your opinion to them and tell them they need to allow more Hydrox into their warehouse.

4. We need your help to get into more stores nationwide. Please call your favorite grocer/retailer and ask them to bring Hydrox into their stores. It’s always best to call the corporate office and either request though their customer service line or ask to talk to the cookie buyer directly. They listen to their customers more than vendors. If they get enough requests, they will bring the cookies in. Many of the large retailers are focused on Oreo since they have roughly 40+ positions on the store shelf.

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