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Send us your best Hydrox story!

How neat! Robert Kenimer, one of our Hydrox fans sent us this neat picture of the 50th Anniversary Hydrox cookie given to his dad. Here is the story:

“My father, Marvin A. Kenimer, was a traveling route salesman for Sunshine Biscuit Company for over 26+ years until the system was changed from salesmen to the product being delivered to the stores via truck only thereby eliminating the need for salesman.

My father being a Georgia boy was living in Air N.D. (yes it is truly a state in the union: not a government plot) from 1949-1953. When he packed up his family to move south for warmer weather (he hated snow) to take a route salesman’s job with Sunshine Biscuit Company that lasted for over 26+ years. He received the cookies as an award for qualifying as one of the two top salesmen in his territory the prior year. I remember the story about the cookies and the pride he exuded when he related the story many times over his career. From 1958-2000, the year my father died, he moved his home approximately 11 times each time carrying with, him but unknown to me, the award. While clearing up his final personal items I stumbled upon two of his priced trophies that I had assumed were long lost. First was the trophy he won in 1960 as the top salesman for Sunshine Biscuit and the cookies you are now aware of.”

We want to thank Robert for sharing the picture and interesting Hydrox story. Do you have a Hydrox story? Share it with us!

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